Eurowhite societies, their media and their political representatives constantly make migrant people their focus of attention when describing, analyzing and debating the situation of the internal and external borders of the European Union. The hyper-visibilization of the migrant population achieves to maintain the invisibility of the migratory control system and its mechanisms of persecution, detention and deportation, as well as the people who are responsible for it. The project Condecoración proposes to give visibility to those subjects responsible for the migratory control system through a series of violent actions inflicted on their images. A bust representing Fabrice Leggeri, the current Executive Director of the migratory control agency FRONTEX, is attacked. Violence is also inflicted upon the images of Ilkka Laitinen - Executive Director of FRONTEX until 2015, Gil Arias - first Deputy Executive Director and Berndt Körner - current Deputy Executive Director of the agency. The project includes a poster depicting various people from four fundamental and intertwining scopes of the migratory control system: The Political, with representatives of the European Commission and Council, as well as Member States; The Economic, with subjects from diverse private companies and lobbies that create profit in the security and defense industry through border control; The Persecutory, related to agencies of control such as FRONTEX  and the police of each Member State, and finally the Industry of Human Rights, which includes people from agencies such as the UNHCR, Amnesty International, Red Cross and Caritas who collaborate on legalizing and normalizing the use of violence in the migratory control system.