Project in process / collaboration with Xose Quiroga



(from lat. fastos, acus from Fasti, -orum)

1. m. pl. Among the Romans, a kind of calendar which recorded the dates of their festivals, ceremonies, games and memorable issues of the republic.
2. m. pl. Anal or series of events in chronological order.

vídeo 10' 00"

The images were recorded during the National Day of Spain around the Maritime Boulevard in Barcelona.
(music: "Preludio a Colón" by Julian Carrillo)

video 5' 05"

Images recorded during the days of Benedicto´s XVI visit to the city of Barcelona (audio : Allahu Akbar, call to prayer from the Prophet´s Mosque in Medina)

video 5' 10"

Images recorded during the day of meditation previous the elections to the Catalan Parliament on November 28th 2010 at the neighbourhood of La Mina, Barcelona.
(audio: "Density and Volume No1" by Ivan Wyschnegradsky)