Architectural Analysis of houses that belong to the high class of Lima. The study emphasizes the "service architecture”, the vital space given to the domestic worker. The project proposes an analysis of this room in comparison to the size of the other rooms in the house and analyzes its location within the domestic space.The study has been based on houses built between 1930 and 2012.
The project presents a selection of 60 houses, containing the facade of the house, the floor plans, the comparative dimensions of all the rooms and the curriculum of the architect in charge of the design of the house.

The installation is accompanied by a video documentary that shows the first day of work of a young housemaid and how the owner of the house shows her all the spaces she has to clean and then the place where she will sleep.

A poster with the phrase “Maids room. There is no excuse for their location and dimensions” was distrubuted in the city of Lima mostly in Architecture schools.