Engraved aluminium folder with 5 documents inside /10


Schematic representation in two dimensions of the boutique where i worked. The architectural level contains information restricted to the store staff.

The project includes two schematic representations and three letters written by the administration of the company. A first letter explains that the administration knew of the architectural levels and informs about the decision of suspending me from working and payment during 6 months. The second one informs about a complaint presented by the company to the police. The last one, is a renunciation letter; exposing that i decided to renounce and take the compromise of never using the images without their permision.

The work for been sell disposes of a written contract with the buyer alleging than non of the documents inside can be shown, reproduced or published.

*Due to the legal situation in this project the schematic representations and the letters can not be shown with the complete information in this site.





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